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Generate React Component by Joshua Goldman

Install with:
    apm install generate-react-component


Simple, template-based React component and Redux container generator for Atom’s Tree View. VS Code version here.


apm install generate-react-component


What’s the deal with these files?

The default templates are opinionated, admittedly. They adhere to the principles of feature-based structuring, as promoted in this article by Max Stoiber, and component/container separation, explained here by Dan Abramov. * Modular CSS with css-modules and react-css-modules * Containers have their own actions, constants, and reducers: see Redux and react-redux * index.js simply passes the component through so you can import SomeComponent from '/components/SomeComponent'

However, this package does not force these principles. You can easily customize the templates to match your own tech stack.


The component and container templates are completely customizable. You can add additional boolean options to the generator panel from the package’s settings. One option is included by default: class determines whether to generate a class-based component instead of a functional component. ### View the default templates Click on View Code in the package settings, and see the contents of the component_template and container_template folders. It is recommended that you do not modify the default templates directly, as updates will overwrite your changes. ### Enable custom templates In the package settings, enter absolute paths to your own template folders. This will override the defaults. ### Syntax Template syntax is very simple:

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