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Gcc Make Run

Install with:
    apm install gcc-make-run

GCC Make Run Package

Compile-run C/C++ source code and execute Makefile in Atom.


I am a Windows user and just switched to Atom from Notepad++. Previously I wrote a script in NppExec to compile-run my C/C++ programs and execute Makefiles with customizable compile flags and run options. Atom has numerous community packages and I have tried some. They are really great in certain extent but still cannot fully satisfy my need. Therefore I decided to reference their packages and make my own.



I have tested in the following three platforms:


For Windows users, I recommend installing the TDM-GCC (which I am using), then go to the setting page of this package and change the make utility to mingw32-make, after that everything should work. If you have installed other gcc-compilers, just make sure their command names are in you PATH environment variable


For Ubuntu users, gcc and make should have already been installed, though you may need to install g++ in addition.


For Mac users, Xcode is not a prerequisite but you need to at least install the Xcode Command Line Tools. This site has a more detailed walkthrough.


Settings Page

Settings Page * Edit compiler command name or path * Edit compiler flags and run arguments * Toggle unconditional build

Run Options

Run Options * Quick access to edit flags and arguments * Can use [shift-]tab to change input focus and enter to trigger the run button * Can trigger one-time unconditional build here

Context Menu

Context Menu * Trigger Make-Run on Makefile from tree view * To execute a Makefile, a run target need to be specified, just as in the above .gif
Note: Arguments in run options will be passed as environment variable ARGS to the Makefile, but compiler flags and link libraries will not. Below is an example run target:

Makefile ... run: testing $(ARGS) ...

Code and Repo Reference

I am new in CoffeeScript and know little about the Model-View-Controller design, thus my code may be messy. Below are the packages that I used and the repositories that I have referenced. They are great and you may want to try them out! * kriscross07/atom-gpp-compiler
+ A simple but useful package to compile-run C/C++ files
- Cannot customize run arguments
- On windows the cmd console just flash then close after the C/C++ program ends
! The closest that I want, thus mine is a remake with enhancements

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