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Frames Atom

Install with:
    apm install frames-atom

Frames for Atom (aka Frames IDE)

This package provides basic support and syntax highlighting for Frames development in Atom.

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There’s no packaging yet. So, you need to clone this repository first (develop branch).


First you need to install NodeJs. Tested in the latest LTS version of NodeJS it’s 4.3.x.

After that add Morphis repository. This command will register the Morphis Node repository in your system: ~~~bash $ npm set registry ~~~

Initial Setup

1 - install the dependencies:

$ npm install

2 - link the package to your atom installation:

$ apm link

3 - And optionaly, you can start developing the package:

$ atom -d .


Open Atom in Development Mode: View -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode…

Publish plugin changes: View -> Developer -> Reload Window Ctrl + Alt + R

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