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Force Tab

Install with:
    apm install force-tab

Force Tab

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I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I just want to insert a tab character and I don’t want Atom to argue with me about it! :angry:

Sometimes I’ll try to insert a tab and get snippets inserting a bunch of stuff I don’t want, or autocomplete will try to autocomplete something I don’t want, or soft tabs is enabled and I literally can’t insert an actual tab character without temporarily disabling the setting — which is super annoying!

Enter :boom: force-tab! :boom:

By default Atom outdents code when you press shift-tab, but I absolutely never use that! I always use cmd-[, with cmd-] for indenting. If you’re like me, and sometimes you just want to insert a damn tab character, I’ve made shift-tab map to a new command that forcibly inserts a tab or an appropriate number of spaces if editor.softTabs is enabled.

Settings for the package include an option to totally disable honoring editor.softTabs. There’s also another command, force-tab:insert-actual-tab, that never honors soft tab settings.

MIT © lexicalunit et al

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