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Foldername Tabs

Install with:
    apm install foldername-tabs

foldername-tabs package

Adds foldernames to tabs..

Theme Appearance
atom fnt-atom
graphite fnt-graphite
isotope fnt-isotope
one fnt-one
polymorph fnt-polymorph
seti fnt-seti

Will be automatically enabled once installed. Can be toggled but will re-enable on restart.

Current folder naming schema:

``` ## outside of your project folder: /…/lastFolder

within your project

folder: empty # In root folder folder: lastFolder # directly below root folder: ../../lastFolder # nested below root

within your multi-folder project

# like in a single-folder project but each folder gets the number of the root # folder prepended. Can be set to use a short name instead of a number. ``` ### Settings


Available settings: coffee "Maximum path length": default: 20 description: "Allowed length of a path, if set to 0, will not shorten the path" "Maximum folder length": default: 0 description: "Allowed length of a single folder, if set to 0, will not shorten the folder" "Multi-folder project identifier": default: 0 description: "length of the project identifier, if set to 0 will use numbers instead" "Filename first" default: false description: "Puts the filename above the foldername" ## Developing

Run npm install in the package directory.

Open it in atom in dev mode.

For debugging set the debug field in package settings to the needed debug level.

Should autoreload the package on changes in lib and styles folders


Copyright (c) 2015 Paul Pflugradt Licensed under the MIT license.

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