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Flickr Background by Vu Le

Install with:
    apm install flickr-background


Change your Atom background by awesome photos comes from Flickr






json { "atom-workspace": { "ctrl-alt-o": "flickr-background:toggle", "ctrl-alt-i": "flickr-background:show-photo-info", "ctrl-alt-n": "flickr-background:next-photo", "ctrl-alt->": "flickr-background:increse-opacity", "ctrl-alt-<": "flickr-background:decrese-opacity" } }


javascript { tags: { type: 'string', title: 'Tags', description: 'Find any photo has these tags. Tags are delimited by commas.', default: '' }, text: { type: 'string', title: 'Keyword', description: 'Find any photo that has the text in its description or title', default: '' }, interval: { type: 'integer', title: 'Interval', description: 'In seconds. After each this amount of time, the background will change to a new photo', default: 60, minimum: 30 }, sort: { type: 'string', description: 'Order of showing photos', enum: [ 'date-posted-asc', 'date-posted-desc', 'date-taken-asc', 'date-taken-desc', 'interestingness-desc', 'interestingness-asc', 'relevance' ], default: 'interestingness-desc' }, opacity: { type: 'number', description: 'Background opacity', default: 0.2, minimum: 0, maximum: 1 } }


If you want to highlight odd lines (just like screenshots), you can put this into your stylesheet:

less /** * Highlight editor odd lines. * */ .generate-stripes(@i:0) when (@i < 10) { atom-text-editor:not([mini])::shadow .lines .line.cursor-line[data-screen-row$="@{i}"], atom-text-editor:not([mini])::shadow .lines .line[data-screen-row$="@{i}"] { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); } .generate-stripes((@i + 2)); } .generate-stripes();

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