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Essix Snippets

Install with:
    apm install essix-snippets

ES6 snippets package

ES6 code snippets for Atom Editor.

Prefix Description
imp-> Imports an entire module’s contents.
impas-> Imports a part of the module’s content as an alias
impm-> Imports a member of the module
impmas-> Imports multiple members of the module
imp*-> Imports an entire module’s contents as an alias
exf-> Exports a function
exdf-> Exports default function
exc-> Exports a class
exec-> Exports a sub-class
con-> Generates a class’s constructor
meth-> Creates a class’s method
get-> Generates a getter property
set-> Generates a setter property
nfn-> Generates a named function
arrp-> Generates an arrow function with one parameter
arrps-> Generates an arrow function with multiple parameters
arr-> Generates an arrow function with no parameters
st-> Creates a setTimeout method
si-> Creates a setInterval method
foro-> for … of loop
fori-> for … in loop
gen-> Generates a generator
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