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Install with:
    apm install epitools

epitools package

Here is an atom package for epitech’s students.

His main goal is to handle all the special things that you need for C programming in epitech with atom :

He could also implement some usefull behaviour :

If you have some ideas, feel free to open an issue.

And don’t forget : this is atom ! There is already thousand of packages, and this one only aim to supports epitech’s specific requirement. So don’t ask for a git support, an interface to gcc or a generic C linter, there is already packages for that out there.

For now, there is no very mutch to see. but I espect to make something basic before january.

TODO list

#### Core * detect TextEditor change : OK * detect Grammar change : OK * icon show up in status bar : OK * manual activation : OK * auto activation when detect header : OK * Hide when not in C file or Makefile : OK


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