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Emoji Syntax by Moritz Kröger

Install with:
    apm install emoji-syntax

Emoji Syntax

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Getting bored of your code? Already tried out hundreds of syntax highlighter but always felt something is missing?

Emoji Syntax is what you need!

An atom package adding emoji to language keywords.

State Of Project :white_check_mark: [active]

The project is in active development.


Install Emoji Syntax either via apm apm install emoji-syntax or search for emoji syntax in your Atom settings panel.

Features :fire:

This package does not actually add emoji characters to your code—don’t worry—your linter or tests won’t go crazy!

Supported Languages :microphone:

Only official language packages are supported. Other language packages might use different selectors to highlight syntax and not work as intended.

Language Preview
JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript
Python Python

Icon Sets

Note: not all emoji are supported in each of the custom sets yet!

Emoji style Preview
Native Native
Twemoji Twemoji
Noto Emoji Noto Emoji
EmojiOne™ EmojiOne™

Settings :wrench:

Name Default Options
Emoji Style: Lets you choose between different emoji icon sets Native Native, Twemoji, Noto Emoji, Emoji One

Emoji Settings Page :wrench:

Emoji Syntax comes with its own settings page. There you can customise, activate and deactivate every emoji for each language. The settings page is available through Packages > Emoji Syntax > Settings or the emoji-syntax:settings command.

Emoji Settings Page

Each language has its own section which you can deactivate. Doing that, the entire language won’t have any emoji. The following options are available:

Contribution :family:

If you want to contribute by either extending/improving a language set, adding a new language, fixing a bug or anything else you can do that by simply sending a pull request.

API documentation via Doclets.

The code is available under MIT License.

Emoji graphics

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