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Ember Cli Helper by Alex LaFroscia

Install with:
    apm install ember-cli-helper

Ember CLI Helper

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ember-cli integration in Atom. Currently maintained by @marius0, originally created by @alexlafroscia. Development sponsored by Apprentus.

Feel free to open issues if you find something. Pull requests are more than welcome!

ember cli helper

Keyboard shortcuts

Keybinding Action
ctrl+alt+e Toggle between the component/controller and the template
ctrl+alt+r Toggle between the controller and the route
ctrl+alt+enter Jump into templates. Press when cursor over {{forms/super-select …}} to open templates/components/forms/super-select.hbs


Command Description
Server Runs ember server in the root folder of the project.
Test Runs ember test in the root folder of the project
Generate Opens the panel to run a generator
Exit Stops a currently running process
Minimize Show and hide the output panel, without hiding everything else
Close Hide the entire panel


Running the generators through Atom is really easy. When you first open the panel, it will bring up a list of file types to generate. This list is based on the output of ember g --help, and therefore should include all future blueprints as well as those added by addons automatically. Once you select a type, you’ll be prompted to enter a name, and the output will appear in orange in the bottom panel.

Help! It’s broken!

That might be the case! But first, check if specifying the path to the Ember and NPM packages fixes your problems. It probably, hopefully will. If it doesn’t, please file an issue so I can try fixing it!


Setting Purpose Default Value
Generate Coffeescript Have all of the generators make CoffeeScript files instead of Javascript false
Path To Ember Executable Point the CLI helper to the Ember executable on your computer /usr/local/bin/ember
Path To node Executable Point the CLI helper to the node executable on your computer /usr/local/bin/node

Todo List


Some users have experienced problems running the commands when they openning their project through the File > Open menu. If this happens to you, try opening the project from the command line with the atom command see if that fixes the issue.

Very special thanks to @alexlafroscia for creating the original atom plugin!

Special thanks to @nickclaw and his atom-grunt-runner package, which was @alexlafroscia’s inspiration for building this and a big help in putting it together.

Finally a big thank you to Apprentus for paying me to work on this! :)

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