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Document Outline

Install with:
    apm install document-outline

Document Outline

Displays a hierarchical, interactive outline tree view of your document. This is particularly useful for working on long form documents such as academic papers and theses.

screenshot of document-outline

Support types

Currently supports:


Trigger using document-outline:toggle or enable show by default setting. Single click to jump to heading in document, double click to collapse sub-headings.

Note: for simplicity, only ‘modern’ UI themes are supported (i.e. not the atom-light or atom-dark themes). Should work for popular UI themes including One-light/dark and Atom-material.


It’s easy to get lost working on long documents - an outline view is a huge help. With document-outline, jump to headings in your document, and see the currently edited section highlighted in the outline.

See also

Some handy packages for working on long form markdown documents:


Contributions welcome!

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