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a package directory for a text editor of the 21st Century


Install with:
    apm install docksend


Upload files using Transmit’s Docksend in Atom.


apm install docksend


Press ctrl-u to upload the file you’re currently editing. If the file has modifications, it will be saved before uploading. Alternatively, press ctrl-shift-u to upload the entire directory containing the file you are currently editing.

If you’re using Emmet, they have a keyboard shortcut that will conflict with Docksend. In that case, you can either use the context menu, the Packages menubar item, or change the keyboard shortcut in your own keymapping. To change your own keymapping:

  1. Go to Atom -> Open Your Keymap
  2. Paste in the following code:

         'ctrl-u': 'docksend:docksend'
         'ctrl-shift-u': 'docksend:docksendDirectory'


You can optionally enable the uploading of related files for Less, Sass, and Minified Javascript. Also, you can supply alternative extensions in case you create additional files or name your created files differently.

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