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Dev Tools Themes by Travis Jacobs (

Install with:
    apm install dev-tools-themes

Developer Tools Themes

Adds a theming system and some pretty skins to the Atom Developer Tools.

Make sure you read the instructions in usage to get the themes to work.


<img src=”” width=400>


<img src=”” width=400>


<img src=”” width=400>


After installing by the usual way (either through the settings UI or apm install dev-tools-themes), make sure you follow the steps in this short guide to enable UI skinning.

Once you have this enabled, you can choose Packages > Developer Tools Themes > Settings or View > Developer > Dev Tools Theme Settings, and pick the theme you want to use.

Heart it? Hate it?

Feel free to run apm star 'dev-tools-themes' or raise an issue! :smile:


All themes are courtesy of contributors at devthemez.

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