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Dbg Gdb

Install with:
    apm install dbg-gdb

dbg-gdb package

An interactive GDB debugger for Atom

Debug screenshot

How to use

  1. Right click on an executable in the treeview, select Debug this file, and click Save
  2. Toggle breakpoints by clicking beside line numbers or pressing F9
  3. Press F5, and select the executable
  4. Profit!

Service: dbgProvider

Creates a dbgProvider for GDB, see basic dbgProvider service description

Supported options

path - The path to the file to debug
args - Optional. An array of arguments to pass to the file being debugged
cwd - Optional. The working directory to use when debugging
env_vars - Optional. An array of environmental variables, ex: [‘VAR1=9’, ‘VAR2=thing’, …]
gdb_executable - Optional. The full command used to execute gdb (defaults to ‘gdb’)
gdb_arguments - Optional. An array of extra arguments to pass to gdb (note that the arguments [‘-quiet’, ‘–interpreter=mi2’] are always included first)
gdb_commands - Optional. An array of commands to pass to gdb, once active (these are executed last of all, but right before ‘-exec-run’)

For a list of features and all available keyboard shortcuts, please see dbg

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