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Dark Mode by Exelord

Install with:
    apm install dark-mode

Dark Mode

Package for Atom Editor which allow you to switch to dark mode and light mode theme automatically thanks to your Mac light sensor.


Run: apm install dark-mode or use Atom Package Manager in Atom settings.

** After installation remember to restart Atom or run Window: Reload in command palette.**

Auto mode

Light sensor

By activating auto mode thanks to your light sensor (if supported) the theme will change automatically. You can setup the interval of refreshing and threshold of darkness level in the package settings.

To disable/enable auto mode choose in command palette: Dark Mode: Turn On Auto mode or Dark Mode: Turn Off Auto Mode

Theme switcher

Dark Mode

To change theme manually use: > ctrl + `

or in command palette choose Dark Mode: Toggle


Go to the package config in Atom settings.

You can specify your own custom theme for each mode and use it as a fast theme switcher.

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