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Ctags Status

Install with:
    apm install ctags-status

ctags-status package

Build Status

Show the class/function/scope name of the current line on the status bar.

A screenshot of ctags-status package

Inspired by VIM Tag List plugin. Using Ctags to locate the start of functions / classes and heuristic (e.g. indentation / closing curly ‘}’) to locate the end of them.

If you like this plugin, leave it a star :) If you find any problem, create an issue at If you find it works for any programming languages that are not in the Tested languages list, you may add it to the list by making a pull request at

Tested languages


Ubuntu / Debian

sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

Red Hat / Fedora / CentOS

sudo yum install ctags


brew install ctags

And, put /usr/local/bin/ctags to your ctags-status settings.


  1. Download CTags binary from
  2. Unzip the binary to anywhere that can be located by your PATH.

How it works


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