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Console Log by Vishwam Sankar

Install with:
    apm install console-log

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console-log is a simple and smart helper function that makes logging and debugging easy. New Config options added

Features (click for demo)

### Basic Logging * ctrl-l (OSX) or ctrl-alt-l (Linux/Windows) - Generates a console.log with identifier if text/variable is selected, and empty console.log if no text is selected. * ctrl-o (OSX) or ctrl-alt-o (Linux/Windows) - Generates a console.log with text/variable within a JSON.stringify method.

Smart Object Logging (Incremental improvements in works)

Smart Function Logging (Early release still in works)

Smart Conditionals Logging (early release)

Logging Cleanup

Identifier Styling (Chrome Dev Tools only)

Note:- This functionality will only work for selected text * ctrl-alt-c (plain insert) or ctrl-alt-s (JSON.stringify insert) - For logging in the chrome dev tools console, you can choose to enable text styling for the identifier


You can install this package from the CLI or from the Editor. * CLI - apm install console-log * Editor - Atom > Preferences > Install > Search for console-log in Packages


Languages Supported

Coming soon !

Help me help you !

If you see any bugs in this package or if you have any additional features that you would like, please add an issue to this repo and I will look to resolve it.

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