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Command Executor

Install with:
    apm install command-executor

cmd-exec package

Manage and execute shell/javascript commands in your Atom.


What can I do with this package?


To install this package, open terminal and enter:

bash apm install command-executor

If you use console simulator and want to copy text in the console, you would need enable-clipboard-helper: bash apm install enable-clipboard-helper

If you use console simulator and want to close it by an atom command or by a keystroke (e.g. ESC), you would need enable-pane-item-control-helper (below) and read this tips-and-tricks: bash apm install enable-pane-item-control-helper


User Manual

Honestly, you definitely have to read this one below before using this package, be sure that you have a Web browser, then let’s go: - User Manual

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