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Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax

Install with:
    apm install colorblind-wombat-dark-syntax

Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax theme

This theme was created for the Atom text editor in an attempt to allow colorblind people to differentiate the text easily.


Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax theme Markdown screenshot

Specialized support for the following languages

While it should work with any language that Atom supports, languages that I don’t use haven’t been tested yet.


I, like millions of other people, suffer from colorblindness. I wanted a theme that was highly visible, let me distinguish as many colors as possible, and wouldn’t strain either my eyes or the eyes of someone that sees color.

In my search for the perfect theme, I couldn’t find one that was just right. After trying a plethora of themes, I began tweaking some of the better ones. I eventually found a theme that was close enough to work with. I forked that theme and began the modifications to make it compatible with all different types of vision.

Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax theme creation

The closest theme I found that would work for my eyes was the Wombat Dark Syntax theme. The files used to create the Wombat Dark Syntax theme were already wonderfully customized to the languages that I wanted to use. There were a few things that I didn’t like about the theme, but the structure was there to make the creation of my own theme easy.

Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax theme is created from a fork of Wombat Dark Syntax theme combined with the default syntax theme and an extended “conservative 7-color palettes for color blindness”. The “conservative 7-color palettes for colorblindness” is a grouping of colors that is designed to be distinguishable by anyone regardless of color vision. While I had to use more colors than available in the 7-color palette, I hope that the additions will work for all types of colorblindness.

Feedback requested

If you are using the theme and are having difficulty with the colors, please report the issue here so that I can attempt to tweak the color palette for the widest possible audience.

Further work planned

None currently planned.

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