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Color Picker

Install with:
    apm install color-picker

A Color Picker for Atom

apm apm

Right click and select Color Picker, or hit CMD-SHIFT-C/CTRL-ALT-C to open it. Currently reads HEX, HEXa, RGB, RGBa, HSL, HSLa, HSV, HSVa, VEC3 and VEC4 colors – and is able to convert between the formats.

It also inspects Sass and LESS color variables. Just open the Color Picker with the cursor at a variable and it’ll look up the definition for you. From there, you can click the definition and go directly to where it’s defined.


Color Picker in action


Open Atom Settings, go to Packages in the left hand sidebar, and press Settings on color-picker to open the list of settings available for the Color Picker.

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