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Clang Tools Extra

Install with:
    apm install clang-tools-extra

atom-clang-tools-extra APM Version APM Downloads integration with clang-tools-extra.


This package provides the ability to use clang-tools-extra via


### 1. Integration with clang-tidy This package provides the plugin for Linter using clang-tidy.

Some kinds of errors (such as forgetting to add ;) can be fixed by autocomplete-plus:activate.

2. Integration with clang-rename

It also provides the user interface for clang-rename.

Because of the limitation of clang-rename command, it cannot rename variables used in multiple files.



## clang-tidy 1. Invoke linter:lint to show errors and warnings. 2. Invoke autocomplete-plus:activate to fix error.


  1. Move to the variable that is to be renamed.
  2. Invoke clang-tools-extra:rename (Ctrl-2).
  3. Change the variable name
  4. Invoke clang-tools-extra:confirm-rename (Ctrl-3).


bash $ apm install clang-tools-extra



This software is released under the MIT License, see

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