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Chinese Translator by Jimmy Lin

Install with:
    apm install chinese-translator

Chinese Translator for Atom Editor

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chinese-translator translates between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in Atom editor, with the dictionary of localized phrases and verbs. Powered by node-opencc.

A screenshot of chinese-translator


Search for chinese-translator in the Atom settings view or run apm install chinese-translator from the command line.


All of the following commands are under the atom-text-editor selector.

If any text are selected in the active buffer, the commands operate on the selected text. Otherwise, the commands operate on all text in the active buffer.

Commands Description
chinese-translator:traditional-chinese-to-simplified-chinese Translates Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese
chinese-translator:traditional-chinese-to-taiwan-standard Translates Traditional Chinese to Taiwan Standard
chinese-translator:traditional-chinese-to-hong-kong-standard Translates Traditional Chinese to Hong Kong Standard
chinese-translator:simplified-chinese-to-traditional-chinese Translates Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
chinese-translator:simplified-chinese-to-taiwan-standard Translates Simplified Chinese to Taiwan Standard
chinese-translator:simplified-chinese-to-taiwan-standard-with-phrases Translates Simplified Chinese to Taiwan Standard with Taiwanese phrases
chinese-translator:simplified-chinese-to-hong-kong-standard Translates Simplified Chinese to Hong Kong Standard
chinese-translator:taiwan-standard-to-simplified-chinese Translates Taiwan Standard to Simplified Chinese
chinese-translator:taiwan-standard-to-simplified-chinese-with-phrases Translates Taiwan Standard to Simplified Chinese with Chinese phrases
chinese-translator:hong-kong-standard-to-simplified-chinese Translates Hong Kong Standard to Simplified Chinese

You may want to use keyboard shortcuts for triggering the above commands. This package does not provide keyboard shortcuts by default, but you can easily define your own. To learn more, visit the Using Atom: Basic Customization or Behind Atom: Keymaps In-Depth sections in the Atom Flight Manual.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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