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Build Rscript

Install with:
    apm install build-rscript


apm apm apm Travis David David

Atom Build provider for Rscript, runs R.



Install build-rscript from Atom’s Package Manager or the command-line equivalent:

$ apm install build-rscript

Using Git

Change to your Atom packages directory:

```bash # Windows $ cd %USERPROFILE%.atom\packages

Linux & macOS

$ cd ~/.atom/packages/ ```

Clone repository as build-rscript:

bash $ git clone build-rscript

Inside the cloned directory, install Node dependencies:

bash $ yarn || npm install



Before you can build, select an active target with your preferred build option.

Available targets:


Here’s a reminder of the default shortcuts you can use with this package:

Select active target

Cmd+Alt+T or F7

Build script

Cmd+Alt+B or F9

Jump to error

Cmd+Alt+G or F4

Toggle build panel

Cmd+Alt+V or F8


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.

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