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Breeze Dark Ui Edge

Install with:
    apm install breeze-dark-ui-edge

Breeze-dark-ui-edge theme

A dark theme for your favorite Atom text editor.

### Install the theme

shell apm install breeze-dark-ui-edge ### With breeze-dark-syntax shell apm install breeze-dark-syntax ### With breeze-light-syntax shell apm install breeze-light-syntax But most of the other syntax theme works fine with Breeze-Dark-Ui-Edge Theme.

Breeze-Look breeze-dark-ui + Searching breeze-themes

screen-choose-theme breeze-dark-ui + breege-dark-syntax > Breeze-dark-ui + breeze-dark-syntax


breeze-dark-ui + breeze-dark-syntax > Breeze-dark-ui + breeze-dark-syntax

With-Light-Theme breeze-dark-ui + breeze-light-syntax > Breeze-dark-ui + breeze-light-syntax

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