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Bookmark Panel

Install with:
    apm install bookmark-panel

bookmark-panel package

Adds a side panel showing automatic anchors/bookmarks in active file. There is a set of standard bookmarks included in the package. To add your own, create in your project root, or your projects folder.

Configure your bookmarks like this:

``` bookmarks: [ { filename: ‘.coffee’ regexp: ///\sclass\s(.)/// labelfx: (match)-> return “Class #{match[1]}” },{ filename: ‘.coffee’ regexp: ///\s(.?):\s((.?))?\s->/// labelfx: (match)-> return “#{match[1]}” },{ group: “TO-DO” regexp: ///TO-?DO: (.)/// labelfx: (match)-> return “#{match[1]}” } ]

``` The panel will now appear if active file contains one or more matching bookmarks. Clicking on a bookmark will take you to it. You can group your bookmarks, define which files they apply to (optional,using regex), define regex patterns and label functions (optional)

Currently, generic TO-DOs and CoffeeScript classes + class methods are included. If you add other useful bookmark types, you are welcome to contribute.

Keywords: anchors, summary, bookmark, bookmarks, todo, todos, outline, navigation, grammar, functions, methods Suggest keywords
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