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Install with:
    apm install bang

Bang package

Run a shell command to filter the text or show the output in Atom Text Editor.


How to use

Command Key Binding What it does
Bang: Edit Text ctrl-alt-e When confirmed this function will run the command and give as input the selected text if there is one. After will insert the output in the editor or replace the selected text. To run this function the cursor has to be in the editor.
Bang : Run a command ctrl-alt-c When confirmed this function will run the command like Bang: Edit Text but the output is shown in a notification. If there is no input it runs asynchronously.
Confirm ENTER When writing the command will confirm Bang: Edit Text or Bang: Run a command
Next or Previous UP arrow :arrow_up: or Down arrow :arrow_down: Will cycle through the history of the commands you have entered (next: more recent, previous: less recent)
Complete TAB Will try to complete your command
Cancel ECS or ctrl-w Will cancel the view without running the command

The commands will run in the same directory of the file that is shown in the editor

If the file is not saved (untitled) the command will run in the Project directory

Custom Keybinding

See Keymaps In-Depth for more details.

For example:

coffeescript 'atom-workspace': 'ctrl-alt-e': 'bang:edit-text' 'ctrl-alt-c': 'bang:run-a-command' > Use atom-workspace as selector.

The base code of this package was (and is) Go to line package

This package is inspired by bang function of Vim

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