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Ava by Sindre Sorhus

Install with:
    apm install ava

AVA Build Status

Snippets for AVA and run tests directly in the editor


$ apm install ava

Or, Settings → Install → Search for ava


Included are some snippets useful for writing AVA tests.

Start writing a snippet’s prefix and then press Tab ↹ to expand the snippet.

Snippets are fuzzy matched, so you can for example just write tde to get the t.deepEqual() snippet.

Run tests directly in the editor

In a project, choose the Ava: Run command in the Command Palette or press Ctrl Alt A to run the tests. Choose Ava: Run File or press Ctrl Alt Shift A to only run the current test file. Press Esc to close the AVA panel.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus

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