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Autohide Tree View

Install with:
    apm install autohide-tree-view

autohide-tree-view package

Hide the tree view, show it on hover.


setting type unit default description
showOn string none hover The type of event that should trigger show/hide of the tree view. Hover, Click, Touch (or any combination) or None.
animate boolean none true Enable/disable the animation when showing the menu
showDelay number seconds 0.2 The delay before the tree view will show when hovered
hideDelay number seconds 0.2 The delay before the tree view will hide when hovered
minwidth integer pixels 1 The width of the hidden tree view
pushEditor boolean none false Push the editor when showing the tree view
hoverAreasize integer pixels 0 Width of an invisible area at the edge of the screen where hover events will be triggered. When smaller than the value of the minwidth setting, minwidth will be used.
touchAreaSize integer pixels 50 Width of an invisible area at the edge of the screen where touch events will be triggered.
maxWindowWidth integer pixels 0 Max window width for which autohide should be enabled. If on a resize the window width crosses this threshold, autohide will automatically be enabled or disabled. Set to 0 to always have autohide enabled.
showPinButton boolean none true Show a pin button in the tree view that enables/disables autohide.
autoFocusTreeViewOnHover boolean none true Focus and unfocus the tree view on hover events. This setting exists because some people were experiencing issues with the tree view’s add/rename dialogs where the dialogs would close almost immediately after opening. See #28 for more details.

Touch events

Show/hide the tree view with swiping gestures. For touch events, the atom-touch-events package is required. You’ll have to re-enable autohide-tree-view, or reload Atom, after installing atom-touch-events for the touch events to work.

Services provided

autohide-tree-view provides a service for Show, Hide, Enable and Disable actions. To consume the service, put the following in your package’s package.json:

json "consumedServices": { "autohide-tree-view": { "versions": { // refers to the consumer method in your package's main module "^0.24.0": "consumeAutohideTreeViewService" } } }

And in your package’s main module, put this:

```coffee consumeAutohideTreeViewService: (service) -> # show/hide the tree view # @param delay: delay in ms before starting the animation service.hide(delay) service.isVisible()

# enable/disable autohide behaviour service.unpin() service.isPinned() ```

The show, hide, pin and unpin methods return a promise that will be resolved once the tree view animation is done. It’s resolved value is a boolean, indicating if the animation was finished (true) or cancelled (false). The promise is rejected if an error occurs during the animation.

isVisible and isPinned return a boolean, indicating whether the tree view is visible or pinned.

A silly example:

js // open the tree view, and hide it again if // it wasn't cancelled function consumeAutohideTreeViewService(service) { { if(finished) { service.hide(); } }, function(err) { // something went wrong!! console.error(err); }); }


Please file issues or suggestions on the issues page on github, or even better, submit a pull request


© 2015 Olmo Kramer
MIT License

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