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Autocomplete Polymer by Mark Silverwood

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-polymer

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Polymer Autocomplete Package

Polymer element tag and attribute autocompletions in Atom.

:movie_camera: Preview video of autocomplete-polymer in action

Package Installation

From the Atom editor menus, navigate to Atom -> Preferences.
Click on the install tab and enter autocomplete-polymer in the search field.

Usage guide

For the package to offer autocompletion hints it needs to have a list of the possible elements in your current project. This is saved within a file in your projects root directory named .ac-poly.json. This file needs to built for each polymer project and updated when elements are changed or added (including bower components). It is recommended that the file is added to your .gitignore.

Whenever you need to build / update the autocompletion dictionary (.ac-poly.json) then run the Update Project Completions Dictionary command in the autocomplete-polymer package menu (Packages -> Autocomplete Polymer) in the top toolbar.
You can also call Autocomplete Polymer:Update from the command palette (cmd + shift + p) or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + p.

How it works

The package builds a list of autocompletions by: - Scanning your projects directory for all js and html files that are not within a folder named test or demo. - then it searches through those files for the Polymer element registration calls (Polymer({ is: '...'})). - The identified scripts containing the Polymer calls are then parsed and analysed by esprima such that we can pull out the elements names and a list of it’s properties. - A JSON object is written to the projects root folder which contains all the element names and the properties associated with those elements.

Important Notes


This project is a fork of the autocomplete-html project. The project makes use of scandal for directory scanning and file searching, esprima for the javascript analysis and estraverse for the transversal of the abstract syntax tree.

Bugs, Improvements, Requests

Please add an issue in the GitHub repository if you find any bugs, have improvement ideas, or requests.


Any pull requests will be greatly welcome since I’m sure there is plenty of room for improvement.


Mark Silverwood

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