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Autocomplete Lodash by HiDeoo

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-lodash

Lodash Autocomplete Package

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Lodash methods autocompletions in Atom. The suggestions includes the signature, arguments, returns value, a brief description and a direct link to the Lodash documentation.

This package uses the autocomplete+ package bundled natively with Atom.

Screenshot of the Lodash Autocomplete Package



Just type some stuff starting by the Lodash prefix _. and the Lodash Autocomplete Package will automatically show you some suggestions.


The Lodash methods informations are generated using lodash-doc-parser which fetch and parse the latest Lodash documentation.

Current Lodash version: v4.17.2.



Copyright (c) 2016 HiDeoo. Code released under the MIT license.

Keywords: lodash, autocompletion Suggest keywords
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