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Autocomplete Jsp by Moritz Kneilmann

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-jsp

JSP Autocomplete package

Build Status

This Atom package adds autocompletion support for JSP with focus on it’s subset JSPX. Uses the autocomplete-plus package.

See setup and changelog.


### Autocompletion for implicit objects Screenshot of autocompletion for implicit objects

Autocompletion for EL keywords

Screenshot of autocompletion for keywords

Autocompletion for variables defined in tags

Screenshot of autocompletion for variables

Autocompletion for variables from <jsp:useBean> tags

Screenshot of autocompletion for variables

Autocompletion of tag functions from .tld files

Screenshot of autocompletion for el-functions

See setup for an explanation how to get autocompletion based on .tld files to work.


Autocompletion for abbreviations

Autocompletion for tags from .tld files

Autocompletion for tag

Autocompletion for attributes from .tld files

Autocompletion for tag attributes

Autocompletion for attributes values (scope, var)

Autocompletion for var attribute Autocompletion for scope attribute

Follows include directives to find taglib declarations

To find all taglib declarations the package crawls the file system by following include directives.


What this package won’t do




This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. A copy of the license can be found in the root directory of the project in the file

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