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Autocomplete Java Minus

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-java-minus

Under development

There’s a lot of features regarding autocompleting java which is not complete yet. Parsing Java with all its quirks is complicated and it will take a long time to get everything right.

Read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines before opening PRs or Issues.


Autocomplete suggestions for Java.

Demonstrative autocompletion

Getting started

Create a file named .classpath in the project root.

This file will be parsed an classes will be extracted from it and added to autocomplete suggestions.

It should have the same format as the classpath has on your platform. On UNIX it would look something like

shell /path/to/one/dependency.jar:/home/noseglid/devel/JavaProject/build/classes

autocomplete-java-minus will parse dependency.jar as well as any class or JAR file under /home/noseglid/devel/JavaProject/build/classes

Why not autocomplete-java ?

autocomplete-java-minus differs from autocomplete-java in that it:

What will autocomplete-java-minus not do ?

autocomplete-java-minus aims to only handle auto completion. Thus, the following will not be implemented in the scope of this package.

While these may be desired features, it is left up to other packages to implement.

Add import statement after autocomplete

In java it is quite tedious to look up which package/namespace a class belongs to. autocomplete-java-minus will work with java-import-wiz to automatically insert import statements when an autocompletion is accepted.

State of functionality

Current features

Upcomming features

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