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Autocomplete Haskell

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-haskell

autocomplete-haskell atom package

Autocomplete-haskell provides autocompletion facilities for your Haskell hacking. It relies on scope names provided by language-haskell and haskell-completion-backend service, provided by haskell-ghc-mod

You can show auto-completions for hole _. This will try to find replacements based on type. It’s no magic though, so if hole has some crazy type, it won’t find anything. You can also refine hole completions based on name by using named holes, e.g. _from

Current autocompletion scopes:

Sadly, it does not pick up types and/or other symbols defined in current file (ghc-mod seems to be incapable of this feat), so for this you have to rely on default autocomplete-plus SymbolProvider.


Atom packages:



Import autocompletion:


Hole autocompletion:


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