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Autocomplete Fortran

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-fortran

autocomplete-fortran package Package version Plugin installs

This package provides autocomplete suggestions and “Go To Declaration” support for FORTRAN code using autocomplete-plus.

Note: This package is experimental. If you find any bugs or if there are any missing features you would like please open an issue.

Autocomplete in user-defined types

Go To Declaration


This package requires the following packages to be installed: * autocomplete-plus * language-fortran

Additionally, you must have Python installed on your system.

This package has been tested and should work on :apple: Mac OSX, :penguin: Linux and Windows



Suggestions should be presented automatically while typing. At anytime you can force rebuilding of the index through the menu Packages->Autocomplete FOTRAN->Rebuild index.

“Go To Declaration” is also supported for FORTRAN objects as the FORTRAN-Goto Declaration option in the context menu (right-click in editor). “Go To Declaration” can also be activated by the key binding cmd-alt-g on OS X and ctrl-alt-g on Linux/Windows.



Setup module search paths

By default all files with the suffix f,F,f77,F77,for,FOR,fpp,FPP or f90,F90,f95,F95,f03,F03,f08,F08 in the base atom project directory are parsed and used for generating suggestions. Specific folders containing FORTRAN source files can be set for a given project by placing a JSON file (example below) named .ac_fortran in the base directory. Folders to search are listed in the variable mod_dirs (relative to the project root) and excluded files can be specified using the variable excl_paths. Directories are not added recursively, so any nested sub directories must be explicitly listed.

  "mod_dirs": ["subdir1", "subdir2"],
  "excl_paths": ["subdir1/file_to_skip.F90"]

External index files

Additional autocompletion information can also be imported for use in the current project by specifying index files in the variable ext_index (relative to the project root) in your project’s .ac_fortran file. Index files can be generated from a project through the menu through the menu Packages->Autocomplete FOTRAN->Save external index file. This action will save a file called ac_fortran_index.json in the root directory of the project containing all the information necessary to provide autocompletion for FORTRAN entities in the project. However, source file information will be stripped so “Go To Declaration” will not be available for externally imported entities. This file can then be used to make these entities available in a different project. Some useful index files for common libraries (ex. BLAS/LAPACK) are available at

  "ext_index": ["blas_index.json"]


The FORTRAN parser is written in Python so a Python implementation is required to use this package. The path to Python may be set in package settings (required for Windows).

Many additional settings, such as the selection keys (TAB/ENTER), are governed by the global settings for the autocomplete-plus package.


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