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Autocomplete Elixir by Krzysztof Wende

Install with:
    apm install autocomplete-elixir

Atom intelligent Elixir Autocompletion for Autocomplete+

Image of autocomplete-elixir



Installation is done using Atom package manager or command

apm install autocomplete-elixir


Incoming features

### 1.6 - Jump to definition out of local module

Feel free to suggest additional features at issues page

Common Errors

Package spits out a lot of errors on my OSX

It seems that OSX has a lot of different safe measures which don’t cooperate nicely with atom environment.
Make sure you’ve got both erlang and elixir installed and paths set up in package settings: Image of autocomplete-elixir

For optimal behaviour always start atom from command line instead of Finder.

Failed to spawn command elixir. Make sure elixir is installed and in your PATH

Let me guess. You’re using OSX. This happens when starting atom from Finder. Finder-started applications have no access to PATH variable. To go around that make sure to set “Elixir Path” in package configuration to Your absolute elixir executable path or start atom from command line instead.

Required modules


  1. Make sure you’ve got both Elixir and Erlang installed
  2. Make sure you’ve got both paths set up in settings You can check both things by running: which elixir -> /usr/local/bin/elixir which erl -> /usr/local/bin/erl And insert the whole path of elixir but only folder path of erl Image of autocomplete-elixir
  3. Make sure You’ve got Elixir-language package installed
  4. Try running atom from the CLI
  5. Read existing issues ;)
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