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Auto Copyright

Install with:
    apm install auto-copyright

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Inserts or updates a copyright notice.



The auto-copyright:insert command adds the configured copyright text with the current year and configured owner text as a comment at the top of the file. The default copyright text looks like this:

coffee # # Copyright (c) 2015 by Placeholder Corporation. All Rights Reserved. #

It can be configured to say as much or as little as you want, though.


When you execute the auto-copyright:update command, it updates the copyright year in a standard format by adding the current year to the list of years and compacting it in the following ways:


Auto Copyright supports the following configuration settings:

Multi-line templates are supported. At the time of this writing, Atom’s Settings View does not support multiline configuration attributes. In order to have a multi-line template, you must manually edit your config.cson using the CoffeeScript multi-line string format. For example:

```coffee ‘*’: ‘auto-copyright’: ‘template’: “”” Copyright (c) %y by %o. All Rights Reserved.

  Some standard boilerplate license text.
""" ```



No keybindings are assigned by default.

Copyright © 2014-2015 Lee Dohm, Lifted Studios. See LICENSE for details.

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