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Atomizr by Jan T. Sott

Install with:
    apm install atomizr

Atomizr for Atom

apm apm apm Travis David David

Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

Also available for Sublime Text and the command line (see the comparison chart).


Install atomizr from Atom’s Package Manager or the command-line equivalent:

$ apm install atomizr

Using Git

Change to your Atom packages directory:

```bash # Windows $ cd %USERPROFILE%.atom\packages

Linux & macOS

$ cd ~/.atom/packages/ ```

Clone the repository as atomizr:

bash $ git clone atomizr

Inside the cloned directory, install Node dependencies:

bash $ yarn || npm install


This plugin works on active views only, so start by opening a Sublime Text completion or an Atom snippet.

There are several commands available to start conversion, each available from the Command Palette and the Packages menu.

Action Input Output
Automatic conversion¹ CSON|JSON|XML CSON|JSON|XML
Convert Atom to Sublime Text CSON|JSON JSON
Convert Atom to TextMate CSON|JSON Plist
Convert Atom to Visual Studio Code CSON|JSON JSON
Convert Sublime Text to Atom² JSON|XML CSON|JSON
Convert Sublime Text to TextMate JSON|XML Plist
Convert Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code JSON|XML JSON
Convert TextMate to Atom² Plist CSON|JSON
Convert TextMate to Sublime Text Plist JSON
Convert TextMate to Visual Studio Code Plist JSON
Convert Visual Studio Code to Atom² JSON CSON|JSON
Convert Visual Studio Code to Sublime Text JSON JSON
Convert Visual Studio Code to TextMate JSON Plist
Toggle Atom format CSON|JSON JSON|CSON
Toggle Sublime Text format JSON|XML XML|JSON

¹⁾ converts Atom and Sublime Text only
²⁾ target syntax can be specified in the settings

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following examples use the macOS keyboard shortcuts. On Linux or Windows use Ctrl+Alt as modifier key instead of Ctrl.

Memorizing the keyboard shortcuts for conversion is easy. Just think of the A key for Atom, the S key for Sublime Text, the T key for TextMate, and the V key for Visual Studio Code:

Action Mnemonic Shortcut
Atom to Sublime Text “A to S” Ctrl+A, Ctrl+S
Atom to TextMate “A to T” Ctrl+A, Ctrl+T
Atom to Visual Studio Code “A to V” Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V
Sublime Text to Atom “S to A” Ctrl+S, Ctrl+A
Sublime Text to TextMate “S to T” Ctrl+S, Ctrl+T
Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code “S to V” Ctrl+S, Ctrl+V
Visual Studio Code to Atom “V to A” Ctrl+V, Ctrl+A
Visual Studio Code to Sublime Text “V to S” Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S
Visual Studio Code to TextMate “V to T” Ctrl+V, Ctrl+T
TextMate to Atom “T to A” Ctrl+T, Ctrl+A
TextMate to Sublime Text “T to S” Ctrl+T, Ctrl+S
TextMate to Visual Studio Code “T to V” Ctrl+T, Ctrl+V
Atom to Atom “A to A” Ctrl+A, Ctrl+A
Sublime Text to Sublime Text “S to S” Ctrl+S, Ctrl+S

For automatic conversion, press Ctrl+C twice.


To ensure automatic conversion to work more reliably, this package installs grammar for a variety of Sublime Text files. As a side effect, these files get proper syntax highlighting.


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.

You are welcome support this project using Flattr or Bitcoin 17CXJuPsmhuTzFV2k4RKYwpEHVjskJktRd

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