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Atomic Sync

Install with:
    apm install atomic-sync

atomic-sync package

atomic-sync is an Atom package to sync files bidirectionally between remote host and local over ssh+rsync. It has been forked from dingjie/atom-sync. Inspired by Sublime SFTP.

This package is currently in early development and has only been tested on Mac. Please kindly try it out and provide feedback.



Quick Start


Config File


``` remote: host: “HOSTNAME” # server name or ip or ssh host abbr in .ssh/config user: “USERNAME” # ssh username path: “REMOTE_DIR” # e.g. /home/someone/somewhere port: “PORT_NUM” # optional; defaults to 22

behaviour: uploadOnSave: true # Upload every time you save a file syncDownOnOpen: true # Download every time you open a file forgetConsole: false # Never show console panel even while syncing autoHideConsole: true # Hide console automatically after 1.5s alwaysSyncAll: false # Sync all files and folders under the project \ # instead of syncing single file or folder option: deleteFiles: true # Delete files during syncing exclude: [ # Excluding patterns ‘.sync-config.cson’ ‘.git’ ‘node_modules’ ‘tmp’ ‘vendor’ ] ```


Known Problems


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