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Atomic Monokai Syntax

Install with:
    apm install atomic-monokai-syntax


As a long-time Sublime Text user, I’ve made the transition to using   Atom as my go-to code editor, and while I enjoy it’s more hackable aspects, I hadn’t been unable to find a monokai syntax-theme that felt familiar amongst the available prospects. I’m actively working to improve the syntax-highlighting for individual languages, so feel free to submit any languages you would like to see improvements on.

Update: I’ve also developed a complimentary UI for this syntax-theme, so if you like this package, check out Atomic Design UI.

Each of the colors used in this theme have been carefully selected and tweaked
overtime to provide optimal contrast and readability in any context.

This syntax-theme has been strategically structured to allow individual attention
to be given to ensuring accurate highlighting for each supported language

Atomic Monokai is actively developed in order to improve language-specific
syntax-highlighting for an increasing collection of programming languages.
Have a language that you'd like to see supported? Suggest it here

This package is distributed using apm. After installing apm, you can install the syntax theme with the command:

$ apm install atomic-monokai-syntax

After installation, the theme can be activated by going to the Themes section in the Settings view and selecting it from the UI Theme drop-down menu.

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