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a package directory for a text editor of the 21st Century


Install with:
    apm install atom-xcode


Native iOS developers have amazing Xcode - let’s bridge the gap and make Atom our to go choice


bash $ apm install atom-xcode ### Guide

After successful installation, open up your react-native project and check the bottom section (just where the atom-linter is located). Clicking the device name will open up another view allowing you to choose the device to run the app on.

The terminal will automatically disappear when CLI finishes without issues, otherwise it stays opened and will highlight the error. You can close it with “ESC” key.


The current version is a proof of concept to demonstrate we can really hack Atom to fit our needs in less than a day. Below is the list of features I’ve been thinking about implementing so far.

Please feel free to submit your ideas by making a new issue.


Command finishes w/o errors, but no Simulator has started

Try choosing different device. This error will be gone when either gets merged, or when we move the run-ios into this package (or rnpm, who knows)

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