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Webextensions by Luca Greco

Install with:
    apm install atom-webextensions

atom-webextension plugin package

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This package provides a plugin for the Atom Editor

It currently provides the following features:

Take a look at the Changelog for more details about the recent changes.

Screenshot of atom-webextensions in action

Installation from apm

You’ll need: * Atom, 1.0 or higher

As an highly experimental Atom plugin, sometimes you may want to install a more recent version of the one currently listed in the Atom packages list, you can easily install the “bleeding edge” version of this plugin from the command line:

apm install rpl/atom-webextensions

This command will clone the repo for you, installs any needed dependency module and finally install it into your Atom packages dir.

Installation from source

If you want to hack on the plugin sources, you can easily clone this repo and link the plugin to Atom Development Mode:

git clone
cd atom-webextensions
apm install
apm link --dev
atom -d

Take a look a for more information on how to properly hack on the plugin sources (e.g. how to run tests, writing commit messages etc.)

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