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Install with:
    apm install atom-vlc

Atom VLC

A bottom panel to control VLC media player from Atom



Atom VLC is available at apm index, install from Atom interface or using apm command.

bash $ apm install atom-vlc

Or Settings ➔ Install ➔ Search for atom-vlc



Atom VLC uses VLC’s Lua HTTP interface to control VLC. So you need to configure VLC in order to accept connections from Atom and Atom VLC too.


VLC’s Lua HTTP interface only works when it’s set a password to access the interface. So go to Tools ➔ Preferences. Bellow Show settings area toggle All then go to InterfaceMain interfacesLua, bellow Lua HTTP set a password.

After that go to View ➔ Add interface ➔ Web.

VLC Preferences

Atom VLC

Only Password setting is required, the others can work by default.

Setting Type Description
Password string The password at VLC Interface
Host string The IP address or hostname of the host running VLC
Compact mode boolean Show the panel compact


Run from git repository

You only have to clone the repository, install dependencies and link to a directory in the Atom’s package directory.

bash $ git clone https:/ $ cd atom-vlc $ npm install $ cd .. $ ln -s atom-vlc ~/.atom/packages




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