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Visual Studio Code

Install with:
    apm install atom-visual-studio-code-ui

Atom Visual Studio Code UI theme Build Status

Banner Atom Visual Studio Code UI

This theme aims to reproduce the exact feeling of work with Visual Studio Code. So you don’t need to renounce to the features of Atom to enjoy a great workflow. It looks even better with monokai syntax. If you prefer, there is an alternative version in light colors.

Made by @Zeioth


Install your toolbar

After you install this theme you’ll only have the color scheme of Visual Studio Code. To enjoy the full experience you must install the next packages.

  1. tool-bar by suda - This will enable the sidebar. You can set the position to left.
  2. flex-tool-bar by cakecatz - It will allow us to configure the elements of the tool-bar.
  3. git-plus by akonwi - Having this you can run git commands from your toolbar.

Customize your toolbar

You can’t see the toolbar yet. To configure it, you must press ctrl+shift+p and write “Flex Tool Bar: Edit Config File”. Then paste this code and save it. You should be able to see your new toolbar after restart Atom.

json [ { type: "button" iconset: "ion" icon: "ios-copy" callback: "tree-view:toggle" tooltip: "Toggle Project Tree" } { type: "button" iconset: "fa" icon: "columns" tooltip: "Split Screen" callback: ["pane:split-right"] } { type: "button" iconset: "devicon" icon: "git-plain" callback: "git-plus:menu" tooltip: "Git" style: color: "#0198E1" } { type: "url" iconset: "ion" icon: "bug" url: "http://localhost:8000" tooltip: "Debug Django Project" show: [ "Python", "HTML", "JavaScript" ] } ]


Can I custumize this theme? Yes, you can change anything in your styles.less like this: css .theme-atom-visual-studio-code-ui { atom-text-editor { background-color: #272822; } } My toolbar icons are too small! You can edit the size of the icons in “Preferences > Packages > Tool-bar”.

Something has an incorrect color or size? Go to our Github repository, and open an issue uploading an image of your problem. I will fix it as soon as possible. Also, this theme is based on One Dark UI, so if you need further help, please refer to the documentation of said theme.

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