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Vim Like Tab

Install with:
    apm install atom-vim-like-tab

atom-vim-like-tab package Build Status

Add Vim like tab features in Atom

Create virtual window that can have multiple pane. It emulate vim tab features.

atom-vim-like-tab.gif tab_list_view.png



No default keymaps. Here is my example

'.editor.vim-mode-plus:not(.insert-mode)': 't c': 'atom-vim-like-tab:new' # mean 'tab create' ': t a b c': 'atom-vim-like-tab:close' 't p': 'atom-vim-like-tab:previous' 't n': 'atom-vim-like-tab:next' 'space t': 'atom-vim-like-tab:list'

Future work



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