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Install with:
    apm install atom-ternjs


JavaScript code intelligence for atom with Tern. Adds support for ES5, ES6, ES7, Node.js, jQuery, Angular and more. Extendable via plugins. Uses suggestion provider by autocomplete-plus.


Configure your project * Open any JavaScript file from within your project * Navigate to Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Configure project * The config view appears. * Hit “Save & Restart Server” to create/update the .tern-project file

Optional: * install the package

If configure project does not work * In your project root create a file named .tern-project. See docs @ * Restart the server via Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Restart server

Example .tern-project file (customize to your own needs):

json { "ecmaVersion": 6, "libs": [ "browser" ], "loadEagerly": [ "path/to/your/js/**/*.js" ], "dontLoad": [ "node_modules/**", "path/to/your/js/**/*.js" ], "plugins": { "modules": {}, "es_modules": {}, "node": {}, "doc_comment": { "fullDocs": true, "strong": true } } }

In order to use third party plugins read the Third party plugins section!

In order to use third party plugins from within your project’s node_modules read the Third party plugins local section! This is also an alternative if Third party plugins aren’t working.






List of keybindings. To use your own keybindings goto atom-ternjs package settings and disable keybindings.

Third party plugins

In order to use third party plugins (e.g. tern-node-express): $ cd ~/.atom/packages/atom-ternjs $ npm install tern-node-express Add the plugin to your .tern-project file: json { "ecmaVersion": 6, "libs": [ "browser" ], "loadEagerly": [ "app/**/*.js" ], "plugins": { "node-express": {} } }

Third party plugins are still an issue and sometimes do not work as expected, especially if the plugin requires a tern version that does not match the tern version that is used by atom-ternjs.

Restart the server: Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Restart server

Third party plugins local

Example for node-express. Open node_modules/tern-node-express/tern-express.js


js (function(mod) { if (typeof exports == "object" && typeof module == "object") // CommonJS return mod(require("tern/lib/infer"), require("tern/lib/tern")); if (typeof define == "function" && define.amd) // AMD return define([ "tern/lib/infer", "tern/lib/tern" ], mod); mod(tern, tern); }...


```js (function(mod) { return mod(process.__infer, process.__tern); }…


Restart Atom.

.tern-project created/modified



atom-ternjs * Find references (set your cursor position to one of variable, function or instance -> open context-menu and trigger “Find references” or use the keybindings: * ctrl+shift+r (macOS, Windows) * ctrl+alt+shift+e (Linux)

Click any item in the generated reference-list and navigate directly to file and position


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