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Install with:
    apm install atom-spotified

:musical_note: Atom-Spotified Build Status

For all the Atom & Spotify lovers out there! This plugin shows the song currently playing in Spotify. Switch between the tree view, or the status bar view, when the tree view is hidden:

Tree (Spotify style) Status Bar
TreeView mode StatusBar mode


:warning: Only OSX is supported at this moment since the package requires AppleScript to interact with Spotify.

Update (2016-11-16): This package is compatible with Nuclide. Checkout the release note: 0.7.0


Command Description
atom-spotified:toggle Toggles (show/hide) the widget that displays the current track and album art.


Command Linux OS X Windows
atom-spotified:toggle Not Supported Ctrl-Alt-q Not Supported

Custom keybindings can be added by referencing the above commands.


Configuration Key Path Type Default Description
atom-spotified:mode string Auto <ul><li>Auto(default) - Toggle between treeView and statusBarView automatically</li><li>Tree - TreeView only</li><li>Status - StatusBarView only</li></ul>
atom-spotified:showSoundBar boolean true Whether to show the equalizer animation or not.
atom-spotified:statusBarViewPosition string right Position of the statusBarView
atom-spotified:statusBarViewPriority integer 1000 Affects the order of which statusBarView appears in the status bar


PRs, bug reports, and feature requests are always welcomed!


MIT License - see the LICENSE for more details.

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