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Install with:
    apm install atom-scalariform

atom-scalariform package

Allows formatting of Scala files using scalariform. It also supports Ammonite scripts.

You can configure the atom-scalariform properties file to be used in your Atom config: "atom-scalariform": propertiesFile: "/path/to/"

If propertiesFile starts with / it is considered an absolute path, otherwise the propertiesFile path is considered relative to the about-to-format file’s project folder.

Relative properties file path

Assuming: * the file to format is located at /home/user/myProjects/myProject/src/main/scala/com/user/Test.scala * the Atom project folder is myProject * and propertiesFile is defined as

the scalariform properties file will be loaded from /home/user/myProjects/myProject/

If a project folder cannot be found, the plugin will try to load the propertiesFile as an absolute path.


To format a .scala/.sc file, first save it then you can run the formatter by pressing:


Currently using scalariform 0.1.5 SNAPSHOT

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