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Mysql Snippets by Clifford Fajardo

Install with:
    apm install atom-mysql-snippets

Atom MySQL Snippets

A collection of MySQL commands for optimizing modern MySQL development productivity.

The MIT License apm apm


shell $ apm install atom-mysql-snippets


Feel free to let me know (link) what else can be improved/added or you can also submit a PR.

Snippets Overview


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-db | create a new database | | s-db-drop | delete the database |


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-table | create simple table with INT primary key | | s–table | create simple table with INT primary key, but first remove the old table | | s-table-tmp | create simple temporary table with engine=memory | | s–table-tmp | the same, but first remove the old table |

s-many-many - Very powerful snippet! Make table for relation many-to-many, make two foreign key constrain, and two indexes in it and make two indexes in corresponding tables

Create Table components

| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-fk | make foreign key constrain for table creation | | s–fk | make foreign key constrain for table creation with corresponding indexes | | s-idx | make default index for table creation | | s-idx-txt | make FULLTEXT index for table creation | | s-pk | make primary key | | s-uk | make unique key |


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-i | insert multirow | | s-ione | insert one row | | s-ifrom | isert data from a sample(other table or database)|


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-s | default select for extending with help query-options | | s-sone | select one row by where condition | | s-sinline | inline select for simple a sample | | s-smin | inline select for search min value | | s-smax | inline select for search max value | | s-scount | inline select for count rows in the table | | s-ss | select a value SELECT '...'; | | s-sv | select a variable SELECT ; |

Query options


Snippet Code Description
s- the entity. Like `table`.`column`
s– the entity with a comma. Like , `table`.`column`
s-alias the entity with alias. Like `table`.`column` AS `my_col`
s–alias the same with comma. Like , `table`.`column` AS `my_col`
s-and a part of conditions AND ( ... )
s-or a part of conditions OR ( ... )
s–and a part of conditions with expression AND ( `col` = `col2` )
s–or a part of conditions with expression OR ( `col` = `col2` )
s-e an expression ( `col` = `col2` )


Snippet Code Description
s-f from statement like FROM `table` AS `alias`
s-j inner join statement
s-jleft left join statement
s-jright right join statement
s-w where statement
s-o order by statement
s-l limi statement
s-g group by statement
s-h having statement
s-u union statement


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-u | default update snippet with where condition |


| Snippet Code | Description | | —————–|—————-| | s-d | default delete snippet with where condition |

Alter - modify structure

All alter snippets begining from s-alter-* prefix, like s-alter-add.


Snippet Code Description
add add a column to table at the last column
add-first add a column to table at the first column
add-after add a column to table after someone column
auto-increment change auto_increment counter value
change change the column(rename or change type)
modify modify the column(change type and column order)
drop drop the column from the table


Snippet Code Description
idx add an index to the table
idx-drop drop the index from the table
order sort the table by column(yes it indeed possible!)
table-rename rename the table
table-charset change table charset and collate
db-charset change database charset and collate
fk add foreign key to the table
-fk add foreign key to the table with index
fk-drop drop the foreign key from the table
uk add unique key to exists table


Snippet Code Description
s-trig create new trigger
s–trig replace trigger(drop and create new)
s-trig-list list triggers for table
s–trig-list list triggers for table(also specify DB)
s-trig-drop drop the trigger


Snippet Code Description
s-proc create new storage procedure
s–proc replace procedure(drop and create new)
s-proc-drop drop the storage procedure
s-proc-list show stored procedures list(only current database)


Snippet Code Description
s-func create new function
s–func replace function(drop and create new)
s-func-drop drop the function
s-func-list show list of user-defined functions(only current database)


Snippet Code Description
s-hcols details of the table (SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM ...)
s-hcreate show command for creating the table
s-hidx show indexes for the table
s-hrel show relations of a table (using information_schema)



Snippet Code Description
s-dec declare a variable
s–dec declare a variable with default value
s-dec-s declare a string(VARCHAR) variable
s–dec-s declare a string(VARCHAR) variable with default value
s-dec-cur declare a cursor


Snippet Code Description
s-if create if statement
s–if create if else statement


Snippet Code Description
s-case CASE var_name WHEN 'value' THEN ... END CASE - value based
s-case-w WHEN 'value' THEN ... ; - value based
s-case-wb WHEN 'value' THEN BEGIN ... END; - value based
s–case CASE WHEN var_name = 'value' THEN ... END CASE - condition based
s–case-w WHEN var_name = 'value' THEN ... ; - condition based
s–case-wb WHEN var_name = 'value' THEN BEGIN ... END; - condition based


Snippet Code Description
s-loop LOOP ... END LOOP - Complex snippet. With additional logic!
s-repeat REPEAT ... UNTIL ... END REPEAT construct
s–repeat REPEAT BEGIN ... END; UNTIL ... END REPEAT construct


Snippet Code Description
s-cur powerful complex snippet! Makes ready to use cursor


Snippet Code Description
s-user-list list all users
s-user-add create a new user
s–user-add create a new user with a password (short access s--u)
s-user-add-hash create new user with a password by hash
s-user-drop remove user
s-user-pwd change user password


Snippet Code Description
s-priv-refresh command flush priveleges
s-priv-add add some privileges to user
s-priv-add-all add all privileges to user
s-priv-drop remove some privileges from user
s-priv-drop-all remove all privileges from user
s-priv-list show list of user privileges


Snippet Code Description
s-delim make delimiter $$ statement and at the end delimiter ;
s-utc select current timestamp

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