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Install with:
    apm install atom-mocha

atom-mocha package

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Me: atom-mocha is a plugin for running tests with mocha, from atom.

You: I kinda’ figured that out, thx Captain Obvious.

Me: But how you ask?!?!?!

You: No I didn’t.

Me: Good questions.

Here’s a nice gif of how it works.

atom-mocha usage

Me: What cool tech is in here, I hear you ask?!?!

You: ehm..

Me: My my, what a curious fellow you seem to be?!

This plugin is written a bit differently then others, I like to think. Sure the main entry point has to be made with Atom’s API. But everything else is React + Redux.

A nice benefit of using benefit of using Redux is that it need immutability. So all state in this package is immutable and changes atomically (see what I did there :P )

Another different thing from other atom mocha plugins (at least that I’ve noticed) is that atom-mocha does not even try to use ‘your’ local version of mocha. It bundles it in. Although this might change in the future.

You see the problem with using a local version of mocha is that atom-mocha might not work as expected, and there would be no way to assure it does. By bundling the a version of mocha with this package atom-mocha can ensure that it can run properly.


You: Ok ok… that’s all well and good but can you tell what this thing can do?

Me: Ofc. Here’s a small list a features.


You: hmm, not bad. But how do I install it?

Me: Glad you asked.

~~For now installation is a bit trickier then regular packages, since its not published.~~

~~cd ~~ ~~git clone ~~cd atom-mocha~~ ~~apm install~~

~~And you should be good.~~

~~Me: I hope to get the package published soon, just as soon as I figure out how :)~~

It’s the regular way now :)


You: Can I help?

Me: Sure.

Fork and submit pull requests. I’d be more then happy to have people contribute to this nifty little tool i’ve been working on :)

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