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Message Panel Service

Install with:
    apm install atom-message-panel-service

Atom Message Panel Service package

Original package: atom-message-panel


This package is under development and is not stabel for production, but fill free to test it out and report issues and of course PR’s are welcome any day! :smile:

Basic use:

This package is in development and API can still change

First thing first, you need to add the services to your package.json

json ... "consumedServices": { "message-panel-view": { "versions": { "1.0.0": "consumeMessagePanelView" } }, "plain-message-view": { "versions": { "1.0.0": "consumePlainMessageView" } }, "line-message-view": { "versions": { "1.0.0": "consumeLineMessageView" } } } ...

Next thing is to activate the services in your package like this:

```coffeescript consumeMessagePanelView: (service) -> @panel = new service title: “<span class="icon-bug"></span> JSLint report” rawTitle: true closeMethod: “destroy”

consumePlainMessageView: (service) -> @plainMessage = service

consumeLineMessageView: (service) -> @lineMessage = service ```

Now your ready to send messages to the user:

```coffeescript toggle: -> @panel.attach()

@panel.add new @plainMessage message: “test” className: “text-success”

@panel.add new @lineMessage message: “test” className: “text-error” line: 10 character: 3 ```


See the API over at the original npm package atom-message-panel#api for now.

Changes can/will come so check the source to verify the API call before creating an issue.


MIT © tcarlsen

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